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Are you ready to harness the power of crystals and Sacred Geometry for manifesting abundance, healing, love and more?

If so then this is the workshop for you! Crystal grids combine the energies and properties of specific crystals and sacred geometric designs/shapes with the intention of creating a desired result. We will start with a brief group meditation then dive right in!



  • Sacred Geometry Basics

  • What a Crystal Grid is and how to use it

  • How to select and  cleanse your crystals

  • Where to place your grid

  • How to activate your grid

  • Crystal grid care and maintenance

  • How to deactivate your grid



  • A beautiful wood grid template and crystals ( a $40 Value!)

  • Reference sheets on sacred geometric designs and meanings and crystal shapes and forms


  • A pen and notebook

  • An open heart, an open mind and a desire to have fun!


In addition Earthly Treasures is offering a 10% discount on purchases made in store for all class attendees!

Join Our Drum Circles
June 14th &  15th

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