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   I am a natural born psychic and have served as a professional Tarot reader for over 30 years. I also love teaching classes and workshops on a wide variety of metaphysical topics. My passion for rocks and minerals began at an early age which has since prompted me to become a certified crystal therapist. My other great passion is music, specifically drumming and percussion. As a vibrational healer, playing intuitively nourishes my soul and the soul of others. Facilitating drum circles in communities, summer camps and private homes has enabled me to share the joy and magic of this international language with both children and adults.

I grew up in a house in Brooklyn, NY that was filled with activity generated by the spirit realm. The sounds of footsteps in empty hallways, randomly moving objects and things that went bump in the night were a common occurrence. In my family the paranormal was, in fact, very normal and I was able to embrace my psychic self at an early age; however, I did not actively develop my gifts until adulthood. Rooming with spirits has become a way of life since those days in Brooklyn.

   Growing up, my family had a summer house in the Adirondack Mountains where I would spend hours as a child collecting glittery garnets and minerals from our property. At that time all I knew was that holding these beautiful stones filled me with joy and peace. As an adult suffering from autoimmune issues, I sought holistic ways to ease my body pain and other symptoms. Learning about the ancient healing properties of stones was fascinating and a spark was ignited within me. It inspired me to become a certified crystal therapist. Needless to say, my crystal/stone collection has become quite extensive since childhood.


I entered into the corporate world after college and several years later realized that I was not fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I left that all behind to tap back into my psychic self. I began to study the Tarot and received certification in Advanced Tarot Studies from the Tarot School in New York City. The exploration of the Tarot opened a portal, and the spirits of clients’ deceased relatives and friends would make themselves known during sessions. When this ability began to manifest, I studied with Janet Nohavec, the world renowned evidential medium, to hone my skills. I served as a medium for many years but am on an indefinite break from that work. I have been deeply called to train others to connect to their loved ones on the other side so that they do not have to pay a medium to do so. We are all born with psychic ability but like a muscle it must be developed and strengthened…............... Psychic Coach Rita to the rescue!

   From as far back as I can remember I had wanted to be a drummer but I never had the opportunity to learn how to read music. In exploring alternative healing modalities I learned about the power of vibrational healing through  sound. My love of drumming and all things percussion was rekindled!  I soon realized that knowing how to read music is NOT necessary to produce soothing healing vibrations. Walking to the beat of my own drum is now a daily practice!

Bright Blessings!

Rita  - Vibrational Healer, Tarot Consultant & Drum Circle Facilitator
Rita with a giant quartz crystal.
Rita Reading Tarot Cards
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