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A drum circle is a gathering of people of all ages and abilities that come together to create a communal sound, a group rhythm, an energetic soundscape. Circles can take place at my healing space in Bushkill PA or at a location of your choice. Various instruments are played including frame drums, Djembe drums, bongos, rattles, maracas, singing bowls, cowbells and more. The best part is that no musical experience is needed….all that is required is a desire to come together to have fun and meet new people! Drumming has been an integral part of many cultures since ancient times.

Participating in a drum circle creates a sense of community and can also provide various health benefits such as:

  • Releasing endorphins, enkephalins and alpha waves in the brain which makes you feel happy.

  • Reversing stress hormone release which can help you relax.

  • Alleviating chronic pain as drumming promotes the production of endogenous opiates which are the body’s natural pain killers.

  • Increasing the production of natural T-cells, which boosts the immune system 

  • Aligning your body and mind with the natural world, which allows you to flow with the rhythms of life simply by feeling the beat

  • Increasing concentration and focus

Drum circles are a safe space to let loose, have fun and tap into the musical side you may never have known you have!


Pricing varies based on travel time, number of participants and length of the session. Instruments can be provided by Stone Spirit Healings.

Drum Circle

Drum Circle

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Rita drumming at a drum circle
Drum circle
Kids enjoying the drums
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